Thursday, 29 November 2007

There's no room at the Inn, or even the building site.

We’ve just received our first Nativity casting. Max will be playing the part of the Inn Keeper. Now I hope this selection is based on his rather wonderful ability to stop other children from passing, rather than his supping of my beer at the recent school frog racing evening.

As parents, much as I suspect all are, we are charged with getting an appropriate outfit for the performance. Simple you might think, and I hope it will be, yet I suspect my child will refuse to wear any costume that doesn’t make him look like a builder or a farmer.

From a young age he’s had an obsession with all things building. Part of the motivation for us building our own home is the fact that I’m sure he will love the process.

Therefore I shall be explaining that all builders enjoy inns, and therefore it will be good to get an understanding of how those in charge of said inns, behave. And if that doesn't work, I shall just slap on the hi-vis jacket, give him a tankard and accept the other parents' glare.