Thursday, 29 November 2007

This toilet training lark really is shit.

I hand on heart say this has been the most difficult and frustrating stage of my child’s development. The most annoying part of it is I know he is fully capable of ‘going on demand’ but steadfastly refuses to comply, fully.

Nearly twelve months ago on Max’s second birthday I can distinctly remember thinking, he won’t be in those awful nappies for much longer. At times he had used other methods of toilet, like the potty, a bush and of course, the bath.

Other mothers had given me their respective tales of success. ‘I had my daughter trained before her first birthday’ said the mother of one 27 year old thumb sucker. I appreciated the collective pressure, but was adamant that I would wait until my child had ticked all the I am ready boxes.

As good as my child’s genes are, I think this is a time that the mixed characteristics of both his parents have not done him, or us, any favours.

Confident, and strong in his own mind, just like his Mother. Lazy, happy to let others clean up his mess, just like his Dad. Not good for this stage of development, but great news for 1001 carpet cleaner.

Anyway, he’d cracked it. Showing a real upset when he was uncomfortable. Using the potty. Toilet in both an upright and sitting position. Letting me know with a nano-second to spare. Brilliant.

Then there’s nursery. I’m fed up of washing there ‘stock’ pants and jeans after Max has been through his own clothes and spare set. He’s not budging or playing ball.

We’ve agreed that they need to be stronger with him, referring them to his gene pool data. Fingers, and not legs, crossed for the next time at nursery.

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ladymakk said...

Hi Ian from a fellow widow. Love your blog. I have three sons now 9,11 and 13. None of them were potty trained before the age of three. I tried really hard with my first son as I wanted him out of nappies before baby no.3 arrived but he wasn't having any of it so I ended up with all three of them in nappies (v. expensive) until he finally cracked it at three and half. With my other two, I didn't push them and they came round to the idea a few weeks after their third birthdays. Going to nursery helps with peer pressure so I'm sure your son will pick it up pretty soon. Then its just the bed-wetting to contend with! lol.

Single Parent Dad said...

Thanks for your comment Deborah. Oh joy, plastic bed sheets! We're on countdown to Max's 3rd birthday, 22nd. So maybe, just maybe, he'll crack it smartish!


xkymmburleighx said...

In my experience in teaching early childhood education, it always takes the boys a little longer, and we've never really been able to figure out why. He is close though... He's showing you by being "in controll" of his bidily functions... That always comes first. They figure out when they know their body wants to go, and they might even try the potty for a short time, but once they know their "in controll" they simply take that controll and do with it as they please :) One fun trick, if you practice standing to go potty, is to throw a couple of chereo's in the toilet and show him how to aim for them... If you make it a game, he's likekely to go for it. Otherwiase, my advice is to be patient... He's right on schedule...

Single Parent Dad said...

Thanks for comment.

He's there now, but for the odd mistake. The problem currently is he doesn't want any help but can't get all his different trousers down, especially those with a belt.

But I'll live with the odd accident for the $$$ I've saved on Pampers!

Mama Nabi said...

I assume he's potty trained by this point - I let my daughter's preschool potty train her, lazy mommy that I am. Just wanted to add that I've heard that boys do tend to be tad more difficult to train than girls.
(just found your blog from a comment you left on someone else's blog)

Single Parent Dad said...

Hi Mama,

Thanks for finding me. He is trained now, not at night mind. It is now a case of changing his wardrobe to clothes he can 'adjust'himself in.

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