Wednesday, 12 December 2007

Prozac or Work?

The academics are telling us how we feel again, well not me exactly. I have a similar existence to some SAHMs but I have tinky winky and the la las (Max speak for a cock and balls).

Apparently mothers that stay at home to care for their children are more miserable than their peers that return to work. Even women working over 45 hours per week are recording higher levels of ‘life satisfaction’, whatever the monkeys that is.

However the part I liked the best, and by that I actually mean, disagree with laughably, is that the study concluded that the arrival of children brings no increase in life satisfaction for men.

Sometimes, or is that always, these studies based on sample data from a relative small number are totally irrelevant. All this data is subjective, what works for me, won’t work for the next, and so on.

Personally I think a full-time return to work would have been soul destroying. Ok, I’ve got exceptional circumstances, but I can still remember crying the night before my paternity leave finished.

I think this report would have been better weighed towards encouraging parents to find a happy balance. Obviously there is a need to make the books add up, but I think there’s always an argument for parents to maintain independence, that may well include work. Alpha Mummy agrees.

For me, I’d always planned, that the wife and I would have lives outside of our children. I know too many people that have hit middle age and seem to have nothing because their kids aren’t interested anymore.

Obviously my planning was fatally floored, quite literally, but the principle is still the same. I enjoy writing, always been one of my ambitions. And I do believe it makes me a happier person.

Let me be on the survey next time. My findings will confuse them cleverer-than-me academics. Share/Save/Bookmark