Thursday, 20 December 2007

Ah, Now I Know Why She Moaned

What a nightmare. Can't believe how much of my life I have used up, shopping for Christmas.

I now know why I used to get really bad ear ache this time of year. I always thought women loved shopping, but I can understand how that love can be suspended, well at least until the January sales.

I did listen enough to know that a list is essential for successful shopping, but that is the start of the problem. It was difficult enough to list the people I needed to shop for, let alone fill the present idea column.

Some people just insist on buying for each other, or each others children. Regardless of the fact of how closely we are related or how often we may bump into each other.

At least most people with children are good. You can negotiate each other out of the present circle and just get exciting stuff for the kids.

This years shopping has really caught me out. I've had Max sorted for weeks, well it's wise, as his Birthday is only 3 days from Christmas so some of the stuff he wants will always run out. And buying earlier means you can spread the cost, as I'm not really in a position to run the accrual I used to.

I suppose it has been well down my priorities list, and my usual internet outlets have been out of action at crucial times. Not because there's been a problem with them, more some scallywags making good my card numbers, right at the end of November, bless them.

Anyway, today was the final BIG shop. I had a virtually complete list, well it had names on, and most had presents next to them.

Telford International (?) Shopping Centre was the venue. Never been before, but after its resounding recommendation by the nursery queue, it could not be ignored. It also meant I could drop in on the build without going out of the way.

Cracking place actually. Most of the high street names and some interesting others, like Hawkins Bazar. How my brother-in-law loves my Christmas 'gifts'.

All done now, seem to literally go round the Wrekin to get out. And that's the bit I'm supposed to be good at.

However it's taken me all afternoon to wrap the crap. I had to put Napoleon Dynamite on just so I could smile my way through it. Share/Save/Bookmark


Bong said...

Hi Ian,

I'm happy to have learn about your blog thru Robert of Price of Love, Been truly inspired how you have seem to have managed well facing your life's challenges with a dash of some humor. I could have a little bit of that as I'm still reeling from my wife's Mariel recent demise. Take care and all the best to you from this part of the world.



Single Parent Dad said...

Thank you for your very kind comments Bong. It is very nice to know that from this hellish experience some positivity can be found.

I hope you hang in there and keep coming back. Thanks again.

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