Friday, 21 December 2007

And Then He Was 3

Right, countdown time. It’s T minus several wotsits until Junior’s third birthday.

Wow. He’s three already. I can’t believe it. Well, that’s probably a daft thing to say, or type. As it feels like he’s been around all my life.

It will be 365 all-too-short days from last year’s extravaganza. A wonderful day of trains, Santa and sandwiches.

Tomorrow will be a day of trains, Santa, sandwiches and football! Must think of another activity to add next year, go-karting maybe? We're having a proper boys birthday.

He’s been in great form this week. There has been a lot going on. The nativity, nursery party, play-group party, all alongside the ever-more-interesting house build project.

I think we are ready. But as long as there’s cake tomorrow and a few presents he’ll be chuffed, as will I with him.

Be sure that Max will provide a full review of his birthday, and the cake, in the next few days, or sooner if anyone is prepared to give him their ear.

Then there’s just the not-so-small matter of a visit from that fat bloke in the red suit. I hope he thinks I’ve been a good boy. Share/Save/Bookmark


TwoIfBySea said...

Awww, it was my birthday on Tuesday (considerably older than 3 f'sure) and my two are 6 on the 29th.

Max, all the best folk are born in December you know!

Single Parent Dad said...

Very good. I hope you had a nice birthday and our best wishes for the 29th.

I think Max would agree, but the odd cracker does get born outside of December.

Anonymous said...


I have been reading your blog since you posted about it on mumsnet, but first comment.

Just HAD to say Happy 3rd Birthday Max !!

Hope you both have a fabulous day.

Single Parent Dad said...

Thanks Anon.

He had a great day, as did I.

He's been like a bottle of fizzy stuff for about 72 hours. And now he wants to know what time Father Christmas is coming tonight!

All hands to the pump for another few days.

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