Monday, 3 December 2007

Daddy, while you may be in agony, there’s jobs to be done.

Love for a child can sometimes be very painful, and can cause the most extreme range of emotions. Most recently, I went through the physical and the emotional and all after only 90 seconds of the day starting.

On a very recent morning, Max’s rustling wasn’t enough to wake me, so instead I was awoken with a solid tap on the shoulder. Then the conversation, or more accurately the instructions came something like this “Daddy, Daddy, I’ve got two jobs for you. I need milk and the potty!”

As I’m a man that knows his place, I merely muttered ok and stumbled to my feet. On my way to complete these tasks, I reached full walking pace about a millisecond before an unplanned meeting with the end of my bed.

Fluke me it hurt. The minor mark or soon-to-be-scab on my left knee, goes no way to record the immediate pain I went through, as I crashed against the wooden frame and then on to the ground.

This is where the love of my child was truly tested. As I lay on the ground using all the restraint I could muster to not scream out the obscenities such an occurrence surely justifies, I again received the shoulder tap.

“Daddy, two jobs, milk and potty!”

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Single Parent Dad said...

To answer those worried few, the bed is fine!

weesaidie said...

Saw your thread on mumsnet and thought I'd pop over...

Urgh, I hated potty training, but once they get it, they get it fast. Have just gotten my 3.5 yr old daughter out of night nappies, but still have the lovely plastic sheet!

PS I am a 26 year old thumb sucker ;-)

Single Parent Dad said...

Brilliant. You've got 12 months to give up then! The toilet training is driving me mad. I know he'll get there soon, and I shouldn't worry too much, but it doesn't stop you feeling totally frustrated. Thanks for your comment, please call back.

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