Monday, 10 December 2007

Multi-Tasking, Minus a Vulva

Man, perhaps not the best start to a multi-tasking post, but I've been on fire this week. Will somebody please put me out soon? I've landed some new writing gigs, and been very busy with the ones I've already cultured.

I've finally managed to sell my story to a woman's weekly. Max's potty training remains a work in progress, but I believe we are making some. My self build house project has finally physically started. I've been on the phone semi-permanently to the various parties involved in that process.

Max's nativity costume has arrived. Our learning of the lines and songs has begun. My name is attributed to various party items and raffle prizes for the nursery party day. I've got stuff in the fridge for one of Max's playgroups parties tomorrow.

There's a couple of blogs, you might have read, I still manage to get to, as well as the usual mundane stuff of washing, ironing, cleaning et al. It's a good job I haven't even got Sky Plus as it would have been given its cards this week.
Just the small, and it will have to be, matter of christmas gifts to get off the to-do list.

I must also announce delight at the the healthy birth of some of my best friends' second child, and before you ask, I've managed to find time to get a card and everything.