Thursday, 27 December 2007

Wham, Bam, Thank You Dad

What a Birthday.

I got to go on a Thomas, get that, Thomas steam engine. Daddy never said it was going be a Thomas, I think he forgot.

The Fat Controller was there, and I don’t mean Granddad (usually the Fat Controller). And so was Percy, Rocket and some smaller engines.

Grandma bought me a flag to wave on the way and we were off. Do you know where Thomas took me? He took me to see Santa in his grotto.

Before the grotto we got to see a model railway set, which Daddy had to hold me up for a better view and explanations in my ear-hole. I loved it.

I’m learning stuff all the time, I learnt where the phrase ‘Camp as Christmas’ comes from this Santa! He was a bit high pitched, but it was a nice key to here ‘Happy Birthday’ sung and I got a present.

We stopped for a drink and a mince pie. The Granddads took me back for another look at the model railway before we got back onto Thomas.

I waved my flag again on the way back. Then I went on the miniature railway with Granddad Bad-Back (who had a recurrence later on).

I got Nanny Ginge to buy me something from the station shop before we left.

Next stop was the building site. Nanny and Granddad hadn’t seen it, so I showed them round. Though Daddy thought I might have a nap through this on-the-way stop.

We got to my Grandparents and I started opening a few presents, there were loads. Granny made some soup, to keep me warm for the football.

Next, Daddy and the Granddads took me down to what Daddy calls, the home of football.

They had a merry-go-round, grotto, music and face-painting. But I wanted to get into the ground for a pre-match ‘beer’.

We’d got really good tickets which meant we were warm inside before the match started. I had some of Daddy’s fizz and Granddad’s beer.

The match was fantastic and I shouted ‘Come on you reds.’ They listened because we won 3-0. I danced to the music when we scored.

After the match we went home to open the rest of my presents and to have some party food with some of my family and friends.

I had loads of lovely toys and loads of party food. My Auntie dressed me up as Darth Vader, he's my favourite from Star Wars.

It also meant I had a load of people to read bed-time stories to me, though I don’t remember them all as I was sooooo tired and must have fallen asleep through some of them. Share/Save/Bookmark


prelude619 said...

My son is two years old and when thomas come on TV he yells "THOMAS!!!" Being a daddy is awesome isn't it???

Single Parent Dad said...

Ha ha. Absolutely and it's moments like that, which really make it don't they.

My friends had a Son late last year. They called him Thomas James. When I told Max, he'd got a new friend called Thomas James he went "Choo Choo".


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