Wednesday, 19 December 2007

What A Performance

I, like I'm sure thousands of parents, have enjoyed my child's first school performance this week.

He reprised one of the Inn Keepers in the nursery's well directed nativity play.

The part fitted him really well, as he has a fantastic ability to say no, whilst simultaneously holding his hand up in a traffic cop style; he just needed to think Mary & Joseph were after his food or toys.

So job done. And a wonderful effort by the four staff and around 20 kids in the show. It must have been so intimidating for them. The room was absolutely packed out, and every other person was pointing something with Canon written on it at the children.

Sadly I didn't get any good shots, as I was forced to use my phone. The camera died just before the start, must be all the photos I've been taking of the other work-in-progress.

Still we had absolutely no tears, and all the children read their lines, sung and danced like a Pan's People tribute.

Max's most notable contribution was, obviously getting a bit bored, and reciting off all the Star Wars characters he could think of.

Couldn't have been prouder, he remained in his costume right up until his chip supper reward, bless him.

It wasn't as an emotional moment as I'd built it up in my head. I think it was due to the shear numbers involved and the fact that it seemed to be more of a song and dance, and less of a pressured performance, much as it should be.


TwoIfBySea said...

At my twin boys school we had the nativity, then the dance recital and on Friday the Christmas sing-a-long! It did show who the competitive parents were though - last year in P1 one of my boys was the donkey and the other a traveller who took the last room at the inn.
Love the idea of reciting Star Wars characters when bored!

Single Parent Dad said...

The competitive parents we're in the front row, mouthing lines to their little stars.

I think Max got as far as Boba Fett, now improv, that's real talent!

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