Thursday, 31 January 2008

Daddy, I Have A Problem

Do you remember this?

Unfortunately for me, it is still not consigned to memory.

All was good, the number 2’s were, without fail, dropping where they should, and the only mistakes we were getting at the front, were more wardrobe-failure than anything else.

Anyway, the quack warned that the antibiotics Max recently had to take, may have side effects - one being a rash and patches of dried skin.

Sadly for junior, this seemed to be concentrated around his derrier. In fact, think the opening credits to Bonanza, and you get the picture, literally.

I can understand how this might add to the inconvenience of taking a trip to the throne, but surely it’s going to smart however and wherever you perform.

Max has taken to performing in situ. That said, he has developed a way of communicating via the medium of dance.

So, if he starts doing his Michael Flatley impression, you get him on the karsey!

I’m going back to bribery.

This may well be Max’s first lesson of No Pain – No Gain Share/Save/Bookmark


Violet said...

Poor kid. Maybe you can get him a doughnut-shaped cushion?

Single Parent Dad said...

Thanks for your comment Violet.

He was happy enough with his Darth Vader toy, reward for this evening's 'performance'.

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