Thursday, 24 January 2008

Give The Kid A Break

I remember fondly my sub-four foot sporting career.

Many-a-time was spent on the football field, cricket pitch and at any other sports venue I could pass as a contributor to.

As I grew some of sports dropped away, most notably football. One of the reasons was that I was never going to be particularly good at it. I had no, and still lack any, pace.
I don’t think the mighty reds have missed out, unless they ever needed someone for the other players to point and laugh at, they always seemed blessed with an abundance of people like that.

The decision to quit playing for a local boys’ side was hurried by the general attitude of parents and coaching staff. They seemed so desperate for their children to succeed, and the coach, the team to win, that enjoyment was largely out of the window. Instead replaced with heckling abuse and encouraging simulation, the posh word for cheating.

My own parents were a very good benchmark for this. They always showed enough interest in what I wanted to do. Enough to pay for the various equipment each sport required anyway. They would also come and watch me play, when I wanted them to, but they soon stopped wanting to come to football matches once I was in my early teenage years.

I’ve seen it again in generations after mine. 7-year-olds, where they don’t rotate all the players in the team, they leave the ‘best’ ones on the pitch, some sort of endurance test for the local scouts probably - sort out the real men.

Then this week, I read all about Christiano Ronaldo. A player now revered as one of the best, if not the best, in some circles, on the planet.

As pleased as his Mother/advisor is, HER real dream is to see him play for Real Madrid before she dies. I kid you not.

Now I know that this may have been interpreted across languages in the media and spun a little, but I can’t help feel that this is missing-the-point-mentality at the highest level.

My dream is to see my child happy, and his dreams are, well, his, and not mine to mess with.


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