Thursday, 10 January 2008

Come Alone Or The Bunny Gets It

The nursery that my Son goes to is absolutely fantastic.

Very personable, friendly, but still provides effective childcare and development with a ruthless enjoyment.

Apparently there is a nursery mascot. His name is Brambles and he’s a stuffed rabbit.

Well ok, it’s not actually a stuffed carcass, it’s a cuddly version of Bugs Bunny.

For all of the children’s birthdays he, or she, I’m not sure, sends a birthday card with a little treat inside.


But when Max opened this belated gesture, included in his going home bag, I though it looked more like a ransom note!

Have a look at the picture and see if you agree. Is it just me?

I was expecting to read inside ‘bring 3 jam sandwiches tomorrow or the bunny gets it.’

It didn’t and Max certainly enjoyed getting a card from Brambles, although he would have preferred to have found a Transformer rather than a chocolate inside.