Tuesday, 15 January 2008

Return To Sender, This Person Has Moved - Their Birthday

So the Queen has like, five different birthdays. There are two in this country and several other official celebrations, within her realm.

Why is this relevant information? Well it isn’t unless she’s on your birthday card list, must be quite a dilemma for the po-osh.

I’m toying with the prospect of moving my Son’s birthday. I half did it last year, half being the operative word. Half-hearted and on the day we partied he was actually two-and-a-half.

He was born just three days before Christmas, which some may consider to be not as bad as being born on the same day as Jesus, or indeed, Chris Kamara.

I think it’s a lot worse, especially at Max’s tender age. This year he was like a bottle of pop that had been in a paint shaking machine for a fortnight, which was then cured with a concoction of Lyle’s Golden Syrup and nitrogen.

A tad over-excited you might say.

This state of self may also have contributed to him picking up a horrible virus. It took him the rest of Christmas and into the New Year to shift it.

I know children will always be highly sprung at this time of year, but adding a birthday in, to rev them up, really doesn't help.

So, my plan. Well, a mirror of last year, but with much more conviction.

I think a half birthday party is a great idea. It will be in June, which will coincide with the much longer days of the year, and even possibly his parents’ wedding anniversary. That would be a nice touch.

Kids should also be better available, as they won’t be off on their summer holidays yet and, basically, it’s not three days before Christmas.

I can also balance the presents out. He can get summery ones for his birthday and indoorsey ones for Christmas.

Also with a toddlers rate of growth, it will be good for wearable presents, he might actually get through his wardrobe before he outgrows it.

The problems I foresee are; getting others to buy into my thinking, and not believe I’m just milking his birthday, and thus them.

And, secondly, what to do on his actual birthday. Flags on all family properties at full-mast, might not cut the mustard with junior.

Those aside I still think it’s better than a repeat of last year, with whatever upgrades a fourth birthday brings.