Tuesday, 8 January 2008

Some Mothers Do 'Ave 'Em

But in this case it is most definitely their fault!

Such is the power of my Mother’s clumsy gene it has not only been passed onto my good self, it seems to have filtered down to my offspring.

Her collective of calamities include numerous trips, cuts and bruises. She’s notorious for falling off non-existent chairs, and finding the stool that shouldn’t have been put out that evening.

My personal favourite, up until this week anyway, was when she managed to shut my tailgate onto her own head. A feat, so breathtaking, I thought impossible.

We were on a crabbing expedition during last year’s non-existent summer, and as we finished getting the kit from the car my Mother then proceeded to bring the boot of my car down on her own head with such force a bleed from said barnet soon followed.

So there I was carrying tiring child in one arm, inspecting a cut scalp with the other, trying to work out if I’d just witnessed a never before seen event, obviously ridiculing my Mother as she bled from her bonce, and sending text messages to the usual suspects to inform them of the latest unintentional self-harming incident

As mentioned Max has not escaped this imperfection. His particular trait; and I don’t think he’s the only toddler, is to not look in his direction of travel.

What I mean is, if he sets off on a certain direction and then if I ask him a question, he turns to answer me but continues using the same trajectory. This has resulted in a nasty bump this week, as he met head-on with a half-open door. Ouch.

He pretty much laughed it off straight away, but it was one of those real slo-mo moments when you can see what’s going to happen before it does. Horrible, but these things happen.

Anyway from the picture above you can probably tell I’ve had a dose of daftness.

It’s my Mom’s fault, but I’m not going to tell her. The reason for that graze/bruise slightly above my left moob (man-boob), is…………………

I shut my car boot on myself!

(My sincere apologies for that horrible photo)


Violet said...

I'm always walking into things, especially if I'm barefoot. That's probably the reason behind the Feng Shui preference for curved furniture.

Single Parent Dad said...

Too right. Forget about spiritual enlightenment, I just don't want to be bruised!

prelude619 said...

Ouch! Looks painful!

Even though I live in San Diego, I am a Los Angeles Dodger fan. I am from LA and my son was born in San Diego but when I take him to Petco park in San Diego we are dressed as Dodger fans! I love Los Angeles.

Single Parent Dad said...

You're not kidding, I'm a right wimp with it. Can't ask for sympathy though, then I would have to admit that I too am a dufuss.

I follow The Tribe, the film Major League has a lot to answer for. I have taken a couple of games in at the old ground (Qualcomm?) they we're building the new stadium when I was last on the West coast. Also went to the Giants new stadium, that was immense.

Hope to take Max to the ballpark someday.

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