Friday, 4 January 2008

Trading Places

Over the festive period I’m sure there were thousands of parents, particularly male ones, that would have wanted to trade places with their offspring.

The abundance of Scalextric, Piczoo helicopters and Nintendo wotsits would have been great motivation for many to attempt a switch that would have Tom Hanks jealous.

That coupled with the children’s holiday dwarfing the naff amount your scrooge-like employer handed out. Sending your children out to pay the bills would look more attractive than ever.

Indeed, I desperately wanted to swap shoes with my child these last ten days or so. However my motivation was to tackle my son’s horrible cough and cold on his behalf. Take a hit for the team, so-to-type.

Never do I find myself in a worse state than when my child is clearly struggling. I hate it, I guess as much as he does.

Not only is it physically exhausting, as neither of you can get any sleep; I find it very stressful and mentally challenging.

It looks and sounds like there have been many in our boat. Speaking to friends and even in the news, there does seem to be a monstrous epidemic spreading across the nation.

An estimated 100,000 people per week are getting the norovirus bug. A delightful vomit inducing ailment.

Being a single/lone/bloke parent makes it worse. At these times I am really indebted to my immediate support group, mainly my parents. Without them helping out, I would be even more of a zombie than I have been.

There's extremities of feelings when a little one is suffering with something they don’t understand. I couldn’t be prouder of the way he dealt with the inconveneince and the lack of drama generated when he was constantly vomiting.

And at the same time I become very serious about everything and nothing else seems to matter while my child is getting over, what really is only a minor episode.

Godspeed to everyone at Nurofen and Calpol. And a little tip here if you didn’t know it. You can administer both these forms of temperature control, as long as you don't exceed the recommended dosages. It’s best to stagger them, which is great as it means your child is getting relief every couple of hours rather than every four.

Wishing the world the best of health, but especially in the postal codes we frequent.



Violet said...

We're in the habit of giving our daughter Nurofen only, but our doctor reckons it can have bad long-term side effects, and to use the paracetamol instead, if possible. On the other hand, if paracetamol isn't doing the job and Nurofen is, then I know what I'd be doing.

Single Parent Dad said...

I hate it when doctors do that. As if you weren't worried enough.

This is the first time I've dished out both. I usually stick to Calpol, as I find it works and Max takes it no problem.

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