Sunday, 20 January 2008

Will This Put Him Off Jelly And Ice Cream?

It’s not been a great week for my mini-colossus.

He’s been ill again, this time with a nasty bout of tonsillitis. I thought he’d have a healthy start to the year, based on the law of averages.

What I mean is; he was ill over Christmas and the New Year, so he wasn’t really due.

But, never mind, as I’m getting used to expecting from him, he’s dealt with it with his usual gusto.

No bother at the doctors, with various things being stuck into various holes. Taking his antibiotics without problem and still eating and drinking enough for me not to be alarmed.

It does, however, debilitate our, his and my movement and plans.

I’m glad that I only had to call Max’s nursery to explain unplanned absence. Weeks like this one reassure me I am pursuing the right career, or right style of career.

I’ve still managed to get some work done this week, and, probably more importantly, I’ve let no one down.

Sadly I’ve missed a friend’s over-the-hill birthday celebrations, and Max missed out on an adventure with his Grandparents. Still, these things can’t be helped.

Let’s see what the week commencing the 21st of January brings.