Wednesday, 20 February 2008

It Seemed Like A Good Idea At The Time

And I think it still is, but that don’t make it any easier.

You’d think that the prospect of a short Ski-ing trip and a break from the normal chores of being a single parent dad, would fill me full of glee.

Which of course, it does. The problem is it also fills me with dread and, I suppose, some separation anxiety.

Nearly a year ago I was invited to go on this short trip, by a fellow football supporter, whom I hope is on the path to becoming a good friend of mine.

I was very grateful for the invite, and thought it would be good for me - another step in my ongoing rehab, so to speak.

The big picture is I need, and my son needs, a life of our own. Being able to spend healthy time apart, has got to be part of that.

Max regularly goes to his grandparents for overnight stays, and I’ve done the odd weekend without being with him. I’m very proud of his behaviour and how he enjoys these nights away.

I’ve always told him what’s going on, and seem to have cracked a formula that leaves him happy, basically not leaving just before bed time is a good start.

This time he is again, well briefed. But as he enjoyed our little sledging experience last year, he is not too chuffed that he’s not coming skiing this time.

I’ve told him this is more of a scouting trip and that we’ll be able to go skiing together soon, maybe even next season – Max will then be four.

My promise of a big surprise when I return will hopefully tip his mood into the positive. The novelty of being looked after by his Auntie and Grandparents, should also carry some favour.

I’m going to miss him. But at the same time, can’t think of anything I’d rather be doing if I wasn’t with him.

Anyway when I said I was going to miss him tonight, he said “Why don’t you just call me Dad?”

Will do son, problem solved.



TigerFeet said...

Three year olds have a great way of getting to the bottom of a problem easily don't they?

What a lovely little boy you have.

Enjoy your trip. I'm not at all jealous ;o)

Single Parent Dad said...

They certainly do. Thanks for visiting and the very nice comment.

I'll try not to enjoy myself too much on the trip.

Roads said...

Have a great trip ski-ing, Ian. You deserve your 'free' time, and it'll do you good - both of you.

And I hope the snow is great!

Single Parent Dad said...

Thanks Roads. I know you're right, and that it will all be good.

The anxiety is passing, I hope, I'm sure it will make a sharp return when it comes to leaving - but it won't stop me getting on that plane, strapping planks of wood to my feet, and hurtling down the French Alps!

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