Monday, 25 February 2008

Max & Paddy

Remember that we said toodle-pip to, errr, Pip. Well, I thought Max handled the whole thing very well.

That was until he left nursery for the weekend.

Triggered by Pip going home with another lucky sole, Max became instantly inconsolable.

When I say instantly I actually mean, there was a delay of around ten seconds, but as his father I knew at the beginning of that ten second protocol, the end would be tears.

I thought the nursery leader would follow suit, but she turns out to be made of stern stuff. As I typed before, I think this is a good, albeit sometimes hard, lesson in sharing.

Hopefully this week he’ll appreciate that it isn’t his turn, and maybe he could even ‘help’ decide who’s turn it is.

We had a repeat performance at bed-time. He politely explained that he wanted Pip, and dismissed all his other soft play creatures, one by one. That is, until I stupidly suggested Paddy, his 4ft teddy bear.

Max & Paddy, went to bed tucked in, and he’s been with him for the last couple of days. The picture above shows them having a nap together and also that my son is happy to give the majority of his bed up for the right fluffy companion. Share/Save/Bookmark