Wednesday, 13 February 2008

Money For Nothing, And The Chicks Are Free

Half-term is always a good time to un-earth a bargain means of entertainment.

It’s even more of a challenge now, as more often than not, places now seem to want recompense for my child’s admission.

Places that used to be a bargain aren’t quite as cost effective when you have to pay for both yourself, and your offspring.

That’s why getting to know the locals, in particular those with kids, literally does pay.

I’ve never been too bad at finding places to go, or people to go with, but always keep my ear to the ground for a good day out, at days-in prices.

Today was no exception; we were off to Northycote Farm, a small farm, with a café.

However if you go with a gang, that would usually be at toddler group, you get the added bonus of loads of kids, some being older ones.

The older kids seem to suddenly make the idea of taking a walk around the grounds of a farm infinitely more interesting, to a toddler anyway.

“Charlie can do loads of things, can’t he Dad?” Stated my child - of his new found seven-year-old-superhero.

“I think if he eats his lunch he’ll be able to carry trees.” A bold statement, based on the fact Charlie had only managed to drag several large branches around during our woodland walk in the morning.

But it does demonstrate the importance of children, to, children.

The older one actually enjoyed the attention, and played up to his role. And Max loved putting him through his paces.

Which both made a simply walk in the woods, much more fun than that. Share/Save/Bookmark


Violet said...

I'm all for taking my kid to places where there are other kids. It makes anything so much more exciting for them. Sort of like how, for me, if it's a sunny day then even just sitting around is not so boring.

Single Parent Dad said...

Thanks for the comment Violet. I know what you mean. Just back from an overnight visit with friends. We didn't get upto much, but the kids, and in turn us, had a great time.

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