Tuesday, 19 February 2008

Toodle Pip

So, our visitor’s time was up.

The mood was decidedly split in our household this morning.

I was relieved, that we’d managed to have the nursery’s mascot here for a week without garrotting it or similar.

Max was, well, a tad less excited about Pip’s return to her normal home.

With gentle help, and sometime little reminders, Max has looked after this stuffed animal rather well. He’s dressed it, took it, as promised, to our building project, and even asked to have it with him at night.

He’s obviously grown quite attached to it.

Still, good lessons all round. I suppose there have been some lessons in responsibility, sharing and community.

I wait to see if they’re tears tonight, when we actually leave Pip at nursery.

If not, and it is a success, maybe I could finally take back his library books rather than constantly re-checking them out! Share/Save/Bookmark