Monday, 25 February 2008

We're Ready To Go, Well The Bags Are

It is edging ever-closer to the time of our first five-day-parting.

My fingers are well and truly crossed for a smooth exit later today. We’ve prepared as much as we can, and I expect no problems tonight.

As long as it’s early enough, I think Max will be fine, and I’ll be too worried about him to worry about myself.

Add to that my Sister, who I’m sure will enjoy looking after him, although I eagerly await to see what tales he tells her and how many bedroom stories she has to read. My guess is at least three, each night.

It seems to have taken an age to get to this point this week. Having to be organised is not really my forte at the moment, or even since Samantha passed away.

My levels of concentration we’re not the best before hand, but they were significantly better than my current levels of focus. I guess I still come through the tests as a completer-finisher.

Lists have become an essential part of my life, which in itself is strange as my late Wife was a huge advocate of lists. There were always many a list dotted around our home.

The main difference is that my lists probably start incomplete, due to my lack of list experience. But passport is on this one, so I guess this journey is at least going to get passed Birmingham Airport.

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