Thursday, 7 February 2008

We've Got A Visitor

When I arrived at the nursery door today, sheepish as usual, in that, I always expect to hear of Max’s latest wardrobe failure, and my growing locks might need shearing. I got the same usual cheeky ‘oh-dear’ look, but the story was very different.

“What’s he done now?” I asked. “Nothing, he’s been brilliant.” Was the reply from the still grinning nursery leader.

Then it came. “You’ve got a house guest.”

Alarm bells city central. My immediate thought process couldn’t get passed ‘they can’t pass off a live animal on me without warning, can they?’

My mild panic attack subsided and then I tried to get the details off Max. ‘What you got son?”

“I’ve got Pip, Dad.” He replied.

When I then asked what we were supposed to be doing, with this stuffed rabbit and a basket of predominantly pink clothing, he had to ask one of the nursery staff for assistance.

Apparently, they have two rabbits at the nursery. Bramble, a boy, who lives at the nursery. And Pip, a girl, that makes house visits to all the children, in turn.

Oh, nice, and very cute, I suppose.

Max looked up for it anyway, albeit Pip and the basket were soon in my hands. Together with a photo album in his take-home nursery treasures bag.

“Max wants to take Pip to the building site,” The nursery leader claimed. “Can you take a few pictures of them both there, for this album?”

No worries actually. I’d been promising to get some shots of Max on site, for his friends at nursery, for some time, perhaps this is their gentle reminder -and a little penance for me.

After all, Pip is a girl and, I’m sure, will be wearing one of her pink outfits for our site visit. That won’t get any reaction from the builders at all!



Violet said...

Sounds like fun, though perhaps it would've been even more fun with a live rabbit...

Single Parent Dad said...

Playgroup was certainly fun this morning, well it was for all the ladies having a little giggle at me!

We have a site visit planned for this afternoon, fingers crossed the builders are having a POETS day.(Pee Off Early Tomorrow's Saturday)

A live rabbit would have been entertaining and definitely tastier!

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