Monday, 3 March 2008

Anyone Seen My Other Ski?

Well I’m back and I’ve brought all my body parts with me.

They ache a tad. One of my fingers is decidedly off-colour, and my knees are as to be expected, still dodgy.

I found my mini-colossus well and he’d obviously enjoyed his own adventures with his various non-primary careers.

In fact, his Auntie did a sterling job and it feels like they both enjoyed each others company for the few days they had, plus, she got the balance of my euros as a thank you. Sounds like win-win, win, to me.

We did miss each other, and I’m aware that he did ask for me on occasion. More probably for him, because he’s so used to the routine and the owner of each regular task usually being moi.

The very fact that concentration was key on this holiday, helped me to not dwell on what on I was missing, more focus on enjoying what I was doing – or more specifically focus on getting down the side of a mountain in difficult conditions.

Fitness and confidence are very important factors for ski-ing. Factors, while not totally neglected, are not very high on my current list of positive attributes. See, another list.

Conditions in the Samoens weren’t brilliant, too warm and raining. It meant for a lot of slush-puppy ski-ing and at times, in almost zero visibility.

Still, it was a very enjoyable break and I enjoyed the great company of some people I hadn’t even met before.

However I must say now I’m back, the morning warmth of my son getting into bed with me, rather than that of my brother-in-law and our morning bed buddies, has never felt better.

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