Friday, 14 March 2008

Big Barn Farm

Now the thought of watching a load of talking animals, à la Charlotte’s Web, would normally fill me with dread.

But the BBC’s Big Barn Farm has been an absolute delight this week.

Basically it seems to be genuine farm footage, yet the animals are digitally tweaked – don’t tell junior, and actually appear to be talking.

If you haven’t seen it, you can catch it again on the BBC’s wonderful iPlayer.

This has really engaged my child, and at 8 O’clock, when breakfast and the nursery bag need to be sorted, it really is a timely bonus.

He’s always been obsessed with things talking and often hands me stuff, like plastic sharks, and asks me to get them to talk.

It’s obviously me talking, as I often don’t change my voice, and I most definitely don’t have the panache of Keith Harris.

In fact the regular bath time talker, the aforementioned shark, has gone AWOL since our trip to London. I will have to look much harder for that bad-boy.

Anyway, Max always looks at these ‘talking’ objects so intently and has great conversations with them. It brings out a creative side in both of us.

I really enjoy talking to him through these plastic and stuffed animals, and sometimes they come in useful to encourage things like teeth brushing and getting into bed.

Long may it continue and it beats Jedi Knight bashing any day of the week. Share/Save/Bookmark