Sunday, 30 March 2008

The Dummy Has Gone

And I don’t mean me.

I’m about a year behind my desired target date for ridding my Child of his night-time mouth companion.

He’s had a dummy from a few weeks old. At first it was a relief and a sleep aid, but shortly afterwards became the reason why he would wake as a child. One of life’s Catch-22’s.

As he became a toddler, I set myself the target of having it gone on or around his second birthday. This was delayed by a cold, for him, and the dummy seemed to help him settle so it stayed for a few weeks.

I set a new target of New Year, which was only a month past his second birthday anyhow.

Cue Chickenpox and a Father who couldn’t put his child through any more misery.

And since then other things have taken precedence, like his introduction to nursery and the very stressful potty training.

He’s also always had a ‘blue’ which he takes to bed with him. It’s a fluffy scarf, predictably in several shades of blue.

I’ve never really been worried about that, but that may well be because one of my good friends has always called me Linus, after I admitted to having a security blanket as a young child.

I saw this Easter period as a good time to get rid of the dummy. Lots of chocolate eggs to bribe him with, and we were away for a few days, so not really in the normal routine and environment.

After a few tears, and bribery with extra bedtime reading, the dummy was reluctantly forgotten.

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Violet said...

Congratulaions! Our daughter never liked the dummy, so we haven't had to deal with weaning her off it. But I often wished she did like the dummy, because it would've save me a lot of overnight breastfeeding.

Single Parent Dad said...

Thanks Violet. The dummy was not 100% successful. It was more an aid to get him to settle quicker. It would then drop out once he was asleep. Which was a problem in his early months as he would then stir, realise it wasn't there, and cry for it. Happy days.

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