Sunday, 30 March 2008


Easter has always confused me.

Not just because the date changes every year.

Not just because some schools taken the holiday, while others stick to set dates or weeks of the month.

Not just because some of us work Good Friday, and some of us take Monday and Tuesday as holiday.

But mainly because we seem to buy loads of over priced and pointless chocolate eggs.

Ok, so they are supposed to symbolise new life, resurrection or similar, whatever similar could be.

To me though, they just represent buying, and getting ripped off in the process, for the sake of it.

It may be down to the fact that we used to get a few Easter eggs as children. Ours were always bought by our great aunts and uncle, who couldn’t realistically be told not to.

Our parents always bought us something at Easter if we deserved it, like a toy or CD.

My late Wife always insisted on chocolate. Albeit in the form of as many slabs of Cadbury’s Dairy Milk that my allocation for an Easter egg would buy.

There is the two morals. Don’t buy things for the sake of it. And if you are going to buy chocolate, buy it as cost effectively as possible.

My child got a shed load of eggs from all sorts of places and people. If he ate them all, he would be six stone, and have no teeth.

In fact, even with my egg consumption management he still managed to eat enough to be sick.

It disappoints me that some of the people that bought unnecessary eggs are parents too.

Hopefully by me not returning the unwelcome favour, this will be the last year they do so.