Wednesday, 12 March 2008

No Homework Son, Well At Least Until You Are 11

What a great idea. No, seriously it is.

It’s not often that teachers have them, I should know my Mother was in the teaching cult for many years. But by jove, it looks like this is a blinder.

I find the very idea of a five year old having homework ridiculous. Indeed, I’m aware that they do have homework. I’ve actually assisted a few of my own son’s older friends with theirs and taken an interest when prompted by these particular children.

But even in these very young kids, I can see evidence of growing boredom and frustration. Homework just doesn’t make learning fun.

I suppose I’m a little biased. While not a dead loss at school, I wouldn’t class myself as an academic. I got all my GCSE’s at C grade and above, and a couple of lower grade A-Levels, without really putting any effort in.

Effort, for which I found the motivation well and truly hidden.

When I can’t see the point of learning certain things, I quickly shut down and do the least amount possible. My parents used to love seeing the recurring statement - He does the least amount possible to pass - in my not-so-impressive school reports.

However I’ve always recognised the importance of information, and I kept learning alongside my professional career, and have a fairly broad range of professional qualifications. These went along nicely with my various existances and roles at the time.

I believe home life for young children should still be one that harbours quality learning and understanding. But I firmly believe it should be distanced as far from school as much as is actually possible.

Ok, if your child wants to go through his or her times tables again that’s fine, boring and single subject obsessed, but fine.

Rounding is a parent’s job. Exposing children to all facets of life and experiences is what I believe we are charged to do.

I’m not looking forward to helping out with the homework, though I shall always be praising for relative good performance, effort and understanding.

I hope my son will look forward to coming home, as much, or selfishly I suppose, a little more, than he looks forward to going to school.

There will be no timetable in our gaff, unless it suits us both. Long may the un-homework hindered extra-curriculum exploring continue. Share/Save/Bookmark


Anonymous said...

aww you sound like a wonderful father - and looking back on your previous posts I did giggle as you put into words how I feel at times - particularly concerning pip and tantrums!

Ill be visiting again definately, Thanks for sending me the link. Beth X ( / netmums)

Single Parent Dad said...

Why thank you Beth.

Glad to read you enjoyed what you found, and I'm delighted that you'll be coming back.

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