Monday, 10 March 2008

Tantrum City Central

We’re just back from a wonderful weekend away in our nation’s capital.

I enjoy visits to London, no less because I enjoy not living there, but also because it has some great places to visit and some fantastic people living there.

We’ve been as a duo, Max and I, several times now. Each time has been a bit of adventure for both of us. I’m not sure who enjoys the trips more, but they are certainly always fun.

This time we repeated a day we’d done before. As our visits to the Natural History and Science museums had been such a success, I decided we should do them again.

Max is obviously older and, as I’d thought, enjoyed more of the museums this time. They were more than just dinosaurs and a water garden.

Anyway, on this trip it was the first time we were going, or more specifically, Max was going commando. Last time he was well and truly in the midst of potty training.

I’d planned for all eventualities, even packing a decent sized empty bottle in our day bag for emergencies on the tube.

It was not needed and Max was ever-so-well behaved on our various tube journeys and museum stops. I thought he deserved a reward, or prize, as he says, and when in London, where better to go than Hamleys.

We got there late afternoon, both reasonably exhausted. There was a Lego Starwars display as we walked in, which Max went mad for – which in itself is another story, but I got the instant feeling this would be a quick shop.

How wrong I was.

Normally well mannered in situations of reward, Max insisted he wanted a huge Imperial Starship set, that would have set us back at least this month's Child Benefit.

I offered smaller, more acceptable alternatives, but we hit an impass.

After several minutes of whining I bit the bullet, and picked Max up, leaving the shop with him empty handed, and kicking and screaming, obviously.

He didn’t really calm down until were well on the well home, and the not-so-grateful recipiants of several all too knowing glances.

It didn’t really spoil a lovely day, more a lesson learned.

Max had a nap on my shoulder on the tube back, he seemed fine once he’d had a bit of shut-eye.

In fact, he almost recited what I’d said to him. ‘I couldn’t have the big set could I Dad?’ he sort-of stated ‘But never mind Dad.'



Violet said...

I bet you were relieved he wasn't going to nag you for it after he woke up. Sometimes the best thing to do is just leave and go home. It's far less embarrassing than staying and putting up with the screaming.

Single Parent Dad said...

I agree Violet, and I was relieved.

I put up with more than I usually would because he'd been so good throughout the day. But when you set boundaries you have to stick to them, or Max would never learn.

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