Tuesday, 18 March 2008

When You Gotta Go, You Go

Or so I thought.

I’ve typed before, as well as spouting from my face, that potty training has not been the most enjoyable part of my parenting experience.

It’s forever challenging as your child develops their bowel and bladder control, matching this with there every ongoing routine evolution and lifestyle.

What I mean is it’s one thing to have them cracked at home, another at nursery and then there’s the outside world.

The outside world can be as close as the journey from the nursery to home, or even in our case last week, from the nursery to the car.

My little treasure was caught short as he was about to board our vehicle home. The school was too far back, so I chose the drain at the rear of the car.

A couple of parents gave the wincing look, but I would like to know what the alternative was.

Probably taking a wee at the nursery before we leave, which believe me has now been included into our current routine, especially when I suspect my child will be playing for at least 10 minutes on the school’s outdoor activity centre, before we even head for our transport.

It’s not the first time we’ve been caught short, and I’m sure it won’t be the last. I’d even prepared, and carried, an empty bottle for our recent London trip, which I knew would include several toilet-less tube journeys.

We’re not on our own, and I was chatting in the village bakery today, to a lady whose similarly aged daughter had been chastised by an elderly member of the public, for recently short-cutting the route to the main sewer.

Now that’s another issue, because the child should never be chastised for that. If there’s a problem with it I want to hear it, after all, it's me, or this girl's parent, that have allowed it to happen.

Interesting this lady believes that it is still legal for a man to relieve himself onto the rear wheel of a public bus.

Would be interesting to see what sort of reaction I got testing that theorem. What this space, or Central News anyway. Share/Save/Bookmark


Violet said...

It's hard enough trying to find a toilet everywhere you go, or - if the kids at that particular stage - carrying a potty everywhere you go. You really don't need some stranger telling your kid off because there isn't a toilet near enough.

But when it comes to adult males though, I have no sympathy at all :-)

Single Parent Dad said...

I know. I'm glad it wasn't anyone telling off my child.

Mental note, not to test the bus wheel rule in New Zealand.

Anonymous said...

Hi Ian its Anna I totaly egree when childern have to go they have to go.Love the foto take care.Xxxx

Single Parent Dad said...

Cheers Anna, I'm glad you agree.

That photo is really apt isn't it, though I can't take credit for it. It's from a photo-bank I use.

Sally said...

I can really recommend the potette - a fold-up portable potty. We have one in the boot of the car for those moments when flea is caught short.

Single Parent Dad said...

Thanks Sally. I shall be getting one of those bad-boys, and hopefully sod's law will apply and it will never be needed. Either way it will be £10 well spent!

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