Sunday, 13 April 2008

Flushed Away

I love my child’s little traits. Funny things he does, or ways in which he behaves that make me chuckle.

It is even better when these traits can be used to make the routine work, to get things done quicker or, in some cases, done at all.

One of the jobs I quickly laid claim to, once he was born, was bathing my son.

Like many fathers I suppose, I enjoyed being part of the routine, and my nine-to-five meant that the most natural roles for me to fulfil were the bath, book and bed parts.

So, I quickly did the maths today, and I reckon I’ve bathed my 3-year-old over 600 times, and for approximately the last 250 I’ve had to reassure him, that neither he or his collection of bath-time-buddies, will get flushed down the plug hole.

There’s no panic when he’s in the bath, and I haven’t actually found out what would happen if I physically let the water run out to prove my theorem. But taking out the plug will guarantee getting my boy to his feet.

Recently though, as my child has virtually dropped his day time nap, he’s been pretty tired during bath-time so I haven’t had to resort to ‘pulling-the-plug’. I still take comfort in the knowledge that it would work if necessary, evident enough as he hung to me like a monkey tonight as I lent down towards the plug hole.

As it happens I did put one of his other traits into sound effect tonight. I told him I was going to enjoy having him read stories to me, in his ever-so-comfy bed, quick as a flash, he’s in bed ready to negotiate the number of tonight’s tales! Share/Save/Bookmark