Monday, 7 April 2008

Is It Your Day Off?

Has anyone else noticed that the evil, that is the huge corporate-supermarket-conglomerate, has obviously implemented, as a renewed effort, the 'pretend you know the person at your till, and are genuinely interested in them' initiative.

Some may pass it off as people being nice, I'm not having that.

Because of my fairly sporadic existence, and the very fact that I don't live near a supermarche, I visit various establisments, at differents times of the week and day.

No matter where you are and what time it is, the people on the till seem to have all taken happy pills and are prepared to take an interest in you, and if you're not too forthcoming with your recent life history, prepare yourself for theirs.

Today was no exception, except that this time, the lady, and I'm giving her the benefit of doubt here, serving me, chose to waddle into the murky waters of assuming a stereotype.

"Your day off today then?"

I did think about a 'what do you mean by that - blow the fish well and truly out of the filthy water, reply option, but settled for my usual 'whatever' response.

Well actually I said. "No, this is my life."

It had the desired effect and that was the end of our conversation, obviously minus the lobotomy deposited, have you got a pointless points card? Do you want one? Are you collecting vouchers? Routine.

If my days off do ever become about shopping, cleaning, ironing, site visiting, contracting landscape gardeners, conducting phone interviews, and sorting out stuff for the post Easter holiday nursery return, then I may well book myself in for one of those branded lobotomies.

After all, those through the process seem so happy!


Violet said...

Maybe those guys are genuinely trying to engage you. But it'd be a bit hard to know where to start, if they don't know anything about you. Perhaps taxi drivers can give them lessons.

Single Parent Dad said...

Thanks Violet. And usually I may agree, but I'm becoming more cynical about the whole corporate monkey that is the 'Super'markets.

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