Wednesday, 16 April 2008

A Kick In The Shins

We’ve had a bit of an issue this week.

Well actually, I’ve been nursing a bit of a bruise.

I was wrestling my 3-year-old’s clothes on earlier this week, shortly before we were due to leave somewhere for home.

He didn’t want to go home as he was enjoying what he was doing, which isn’t unusual I suppose. I couldn’t be bothered with the normally reliable - ‘should-daddy-go-without-you’ bluff. I didn’t have the patience, nor the time.

So, shortly after I’d managed to get the hooded top, shoes and coat on, my child turned to face me and then kicked me right in the shin, albeit with a lovely smile on his boat-race.

I quelled my immediate swearing desire, and instead advised my child, in the strongest possible terms, that was not appropriate behaviour.

He didn’t take me serious to begin with, and just kept up the smile and giggle. But my continued silence and disapproving look eventually broke him into tears.

After he’d agreed that he shouldn’t have kicked me, or anyone else for that matter, we quickly kissed and made up.

It’s definitely an issue of him not quite understanding the difference between playing around and unreasonable conduct.

I’m a part of that problem, as not 24 hours later; I’m play-kicking my child in the very same room, at a not dissimilar time.

Thankfully, he wasn’t quick enough to point out my misdemeanour, however happy others were to point them out to him!