Thursday, 24 April 2008

School's Out, Bummer

Our nursery has suffered from some minor, but increasing inconvenient, flooding.

It came from a rogue radiator, and some pretty shoddy workmanship by the ‘radiator-man’ apparently.

Personally if the guy’s been labelled a superhero, the very least I expect is competence, that, and the ability to wear underwear over your overalls and not look like an idiot.

After inspecting this leaky radiator, it was left propped at one end inside the nursery by radiator-man.

And guess what?


The mucky water ran out of it.

This left the carpet and floor to some of the nursery, sodden.

After an enforced emergency nursery drying out closure this week, I’ve just received a letter to say it is much more serious than just drying out and the floor will actually need replacing.

Some nursery sessions will be provided at the school on the same site, but not all, as the school timetable will not permit them.

It is a pain for both of us. I’ll have less time to deal with my non-child rearing activities, those include the ever intensive house build, and my child will have to put up with more of my dubious company over that of his lovely nursery chums.

I imagine it is even more of a problem for other families that plan their working lives around the nursery being available. And those, that don’t have a support group on their doorstep.


Any future existence would best be being able to deal with the unexpected. I know, ideal world and all that, but I think I’ll need to be doing stuff that can either be dropped to deal with today’s problem without serious consequence, or can still be completed, perhaps hindered slightly by the unpredicted presence of others.


Violet said...

if the nursery school was like a large commercial venture, it would have enough insurance against this kind of thing to subsidise parents who'd have to find alternative childcare in the meantime. I'm guessing it's not.

Single Parent Dad said...

It's on the same site as the village school. Partly controlled by the school, but it is technically run as a non-profit making organisation. I've seen a few of the other parents this morning, and as I thought it is a much bigger problem for some of them.

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