Thursday, 10 April 2008

Thursday Already, You're Kidding Me

I can't believe it is Thursday evening.

This week seems to have flown by.

I supposed there has been an awful lot going on at, or because of, our self-build project.

There is a mountain of information still to be processed and jobs to be done, but as things like service connections are made and bathroom suites ordered, the fantastic thought of us having our own home looms gloriously close.

Circumstances aside, I feel like I've lived a nomadic existence for the last two-and-a-half years. Living between family, and then in a rented place while our house is built.

I've also never been 100% convinced that we'd end up actually in our self built home.

Just because if we'd got our estimates wrong, or incurred more costs when building, then financial constraints would have meant sale of, rather than occupy.

But, fingers couldn't be more crossed, we are going to be in the ball park of the budget figure, and we can be fairly certain it will soon become our permanent home, or next home at the very least, what's permanent anyway?

Max has decided his room is to be red, although he's previously laid claim to three of the upstairs rooms in the house, so quite which one will end up red is anyone's guess at this moment in time.

My little boy getting involved like that is brilliant, and I have plenty of ideas for his room in the house, again these will be dictated by cost and budget, but the most important thing is that he and I shall have a proper home again.

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Violet said...

Sounds really stressful and exciting. Hopefully, not as stressful as some of the builds I've seen on the tv show Grand Designs.

Single Parent Dad said...

It is Violet, and I'm sure it could be a lot worse. We've not had many problems and shocks so, while stressful, it's getting more exciting week by week. Currently trying to choose wooden flooring, tiles and I need a beam to go over the fire place before they start to plaster it. Electric meter should be fitted tomorrow. 150mph. Have you had a butchers at my self-build blog? If not you can find the link in this post, or from my links.

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