Thursday, 1 May 2008

Bottomed Out

Remember the bottom of my son's nursery fell out?

Well it means we've been together a lot more this week.
This, as it happens, has been no bad thing.

I always enjoy spending time with my little treasure, well maybe not always. But when you have days planned out, they go well, and you both enjoy them, what could be better?

Days full of activities, or plenty of different options for us both to do make for very health and enjoyable days.

Planning is key. I’ve always tried to plan for most eventualities, rain or shine and the nano-second toddler mood swing phenomena.

What they say they want to do tomorrow might actually bear no relevance to what they want to do come dawn.

It's reminded me of the not-too-distance past, the pre-nursery days, when our lives were run to beat of, well, rhyme time, playgroups and swimming sessions.

This week we've been to a couple of soft-play centres, parks, duck feeding, swimming and walks by the canal.

All rewarding and enjoyable stuff.

The only downside, well apart from having to put everything else pretty much on hold, is how exhausted I am.

Child care is knackering, many men don’t appreciate that, but I’m one that certainly does.

We shall both sleep well tonight.


Violet said...

My rule of thumb has been to spend half the day doing something tiring and exciting and the other half doing something cruisy and relaxing. The former increases the chances of a daytime nap, and the latter gives me a chance to rest.

Single Parent Dad said...

I like your thinking Violet. Though I always find if I plan something designed to give me a rest it never works out that way. Presently I'm trying to increase the amount of friends Max has over. As it seems easier to look after a couple of kids, and you often then get a reciprocal arrangement.

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