Monday, 12 May 2008

Bouncing Along, Or Not, As The Case May Be

Bouncing castles have always concerned me.

Not just because you worry what damage your child may do to themselves, or others, while they are on it, but also because you may have to hoist yourself onto it, to eventually get them off.

Tragically, it looks like the child in this news story is left permanently injured from his experience on a giant inflatable.

What a sorry tale this is, and is a swift reminder that accidents will happen and there is risk in virtually all that we do.

Life can be so cruel. The best of intentions can’t prevent disasters going on and I’m sure the bouncing castle fraternity will bring out the stats, but that won’t help this particular family.

But whose fault is it, and is there any point in attributing it?

In this case it certainly looks like it, as care, and more importantly, finance, will be required to aid this youngster’s life from here on in.

The article hints that the ruling may have been heavily influenced by the fact that there was adequate insurance cover in place. But what happens if there isn’t?

Individual incidents and precedent rulings like this may have huge consequences for the whole country, and may weigh in the mind when debating your child’s party theme.

Not a very nice thought to think if you don’t have the correct insurance for guests visiting your home, that you may lose it if you don’t arrange satisfactory supervision.

So disclaimers on your invites, or no parties at home, it looks like that might be a sad and somewhat ridiculous decision for us parents to make. Share/Save/Bookmark