Wednesday, 7 May 2008

Child Of Our Time

I’ve found this a really interesting project come television programme.

Gives a good insight into the influence or non-influence of the environment a child is brought up in.

Naturally, I think, I’ve always pondered how our somewhat rare set of circumstances will influence my child’s development and personality.

I’ve read around the subject quite a lot, well, I’ve read what information I can find.

Always being reassured that there is evidence to suggest that bereavement can actually add clarity to the single parent environment.

That is definitely something I’ve seen as a positive, and I’m not envious of other parents when they bicker over the handling of their off-spring.

When I make a calculated decision, it’s then simply a battle of wills between me and my son. There is very little undermining of my position.

My worries have been more over what the lack of a mother can mean to a child.

And if I should alter the way I am to play an adequate role of both genders.

I’m really not sure that I have changed the way I parent, how could I know?

I do lots of listening and lots of explaining. I set rules, and stick to them (broadly), but at the same time reward, praise and share lots and lots of affection with my boy. And he is most definitely, my boy.

One interesting point tonight, was that one of the boys had recently lost one of his grandparents.

This experience actually appeared to have influenced him in a positive manner.

All the other boys chose money as more important to health and kindness.

When queried why he thought that health and kindness were more important, he said “without your health, you’ve got nothing, and if you’re not kind you’re mean.”

Right on young man.