Tuesday, 27 May 2008

Gone, Gone, Back And Gone Again

I, and I hope my son, love our little trips away.

Our trips have become even more precious to me since the introduction of nursery to my son’s, and I suppose, my life.

After spending so much time together, and with the freedom to go where we wanted, that’s pretty much what we did, within reason.

Amongst our regular week populated by swimming sessions, toddler groups, music classes and farm visits, there would quite often be a few days away sandwiched in between them.

We’d visit friends based in London, Shropshire and in the lovely Yorkshire countryside. My parents have a caravan on the Welsh coast, and we know where they keep the keys.

I think it’s great for children to experience different places, people, and learn about behaving while in the keep of others.

And it’s even easier to do mid-week term time.

In our circumstances, I think these trips have also been exceedingly important for us and our sanity.

Indeed, on one trip away, my sister and her husband joined us. And they both commented on actually seeing a definite improvement in my mood and well-being from the trip, or break from the routine.

Last week we were back with our wonderful friends in Yorkshire. I took the opportunity to take Max mid-week and pre half-term.

We both had a great time, and I think our hosts enjoyed our, but particularly junior’s, company for the days we had there.

I was also very proud of my child’s behaviour and how he seems to have a knack of remembering the tiniest details from our previous visits to good, and often comical, effect.

Wales next, let’s hope the crabbing trips are fruitful or is that meatful actually?


Tismee2 said...

Kids always behave when in view of others - it's only when you have them on your own - and usually want to do something that they morph into some hyperactive devil child.

Sounds like a lovely break for you both though.

I often go for a day out with my youngest as my eldest is 15 and doesn't 'do' days out with his parents anymore. My husband needs time to study so we go out. I really enjoy this time with him and I think he enjoys my one to one time too.

Single Parent Dad said...

Agreed tismee2. And is most definitely better that way, it means you can go anywhere.

I think it is great to do what you do. Days out are great, and I think if you do them solo occasionally you really listen to each other, for that time anyway.

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