Wednesday, 28 May 2008

Is He Going To Be Gay?

A silly question really, but one that has cropped up again comically over the last week or so.

Max has taken to putting his hand on his hips quite a bit. He’s gone short of raising his heel or saying “Hey Sailor,” but he sure does look a bit fruity with his hand on his hip.

And I know it doesn’t mean jack, but it has prompted others to jest about his future sexuality.

I actually remember a conversation with my late wife about our child’s future sexual penchant.

Don’t know why we were talking about it, but I was asked what I’d DO if our first born turned out to be homosexual.

My genuine response was to suggest finally I might have someone on the inside that could give me a reasonable explanation on people who are attracted to members of the same sex, but make every effort to look like the opposite sex.

I mean, that’s one of life’s, or more specifically, my life’s, mysteries.

See there is always a benefit to everything.

Not that there is anything wrong with unconventional sexuality, nor would it bother me if he did turn out to be that way inclined.

In fact, I’ve been suspected of being, and called gay myself. I suppose it’s because I wear quite a bit of pink and stay-at-home dad isn’t very butch.

It has never bothered me, and at times I’ve played on it. Me and my best mate have even got our kids into some places as a family.

So at times, being a fake same-sex family has actually saved us a few pennies.


Dan said...

Yes, I've often wondered that. if you find an answer be sure to post it.

Single Parent Dad said...

Cheers for your comment Dan. I'll add you to my growing list of people wishing to know what that is all about!

WannabeVirginia W. said...

Would you love him less if he was? I would hope not.

Single Parent Dad said...

The answer is pretty much within the post.

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