Thursday, 15 May 2008

Lesson Learnt, Again

Why is it, even at 31, you forget the lessons you’ve been dealt, and the reasons why you do or don’t do certain things?

Today I had a timely reminder of that.

I’ve always been keen to try and stop my child from taking his toys on the various outings we go on.

I saw it all too often at playgroups, when children would bring their own toys, only to lose them, or fall out with other kids that showed an inkling for their prized possessions.

Based on this observation I always dismissed my own son’s requests to take stuff with us, to various places.

Sometimes compromising on taking said toy or book with us, but leaving it safely in the car, the buggy, or in Daddy’s pocket.

This is a decision process I’ve extended to nursery.

If he’s particularly into playing with a toy in the morning, and wants to bring it with him, it makes it to the car and has been staying in some of the conveniently located pockets by Max’s car seat.

Only last week, somehow, we got to the nursery with three little plastic insects. Two flies and a grasshopper – that’s not really relevant, but I’ve typed it now.

As I was signing him in, I was trying to convince him to either put them in his bag, or give them back to moi for safekeeping.

Surprisingly the nursery leader suggested a compromise; he was allowed to choose one of the three to keep with him.

Sensing the fact that there was a negotiation taking place, my child got the nursery leader to agree to two. One in his hand and one in his pocket.

This is a dangerous precedent, especially as today he insisted on taking his latest Ben 10 thingy, and duly came out of nursery without it.

We had to traipse back, that’s me, child and child’s playmate for the afternoon.

Luckily, the nursery staff had put his toy to one side.

Unluckily, part of it was lost, the tail I think, and we had to endure five to ten minutes of inconsolableness and about another 50 minutes of feeling-sorry-for-myself-ness.

Well, lesson learnt, again.


Rochelle S said...

So true! My oldest son (2 1/2) often insists on bringing his teddy (Jonny) with him however I too insist on him being left in the car. The other week I let him bring him in to a friend's place and we left him behind which resulted in a return journey at rushtime with a complaining younger brother (10 months) and me swearing (not literally) never again.

Plus it's a really good negotiating tool if he doesn't want to leave a place 'Shall we go and see Jonny?'

Single Parent Dad said...

Brilliant Rochelle, well not brilliant but nice to read I'm not on my own. Thanks for your comment and give Jonny a pat from me!

Violet said...

yeah, my daughter does the same thing - insists on bringing up to three large soft toys with her, then forgetting all about them once she gets to creche.

Single Parent Dad said...

They get into the habit don't they Violet. I hope you've never forgot one of the three amigos.

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