Wednesday, 14 May 2008

Priority Number One, Or Is That Two, Three Or Several?

Max’s nursery has not been fully operational for the last three weeks, something to do with, the very circumspect, ‘radiator man’.

This has really served as a great reminder for me, that my child comes first, and I need a life flexible enough to take up nursery slack.

It’s also been good as my child has been entertained at peers of his, and I’ve returned the favour with having other kids with us. Proves the parents at the nursery seem to be accepting us into the village life.

I have however been contemplating taking a few days out of nursery, as the sessions are limited, to have a few days away with my son, much like I used to do pre-nursery attendance.

The timing could also suit us, as my house build project could be left for a few days next week as the floor will be drying.

But as is the Sod’s Law formula the nursery will re-open fully next week – when the good money was on a post half-term return to normal order.

This leaves me in a bit of a quandary as I know my son will really enjoy a few days away, and will still do a day at nursery next week.

I dropped my dilemma into the fellow parent walk-to-the-car chit chat, and was the response was fairly unanimous.

Take him out of nursery whenever you want, as you won’t enjoy the same freedom come proper schooling.

They then relayed how most of them have taken older children out of school for term-time holidays, due to cost and their own holiday entitlement agreements.

In fact, it is a subject under constant review, and one that is generally left to each individual school’s discretion.

The figures for unauthorised absence do take term-time holidays into account, such is their prevalence.

I for one, won’t let that influence me next week, plans are much more likely to be kiboshed by issues or requirements at our self-build project.