Monday, 26 May 2008

Starvin Marvin, Or Is His Name Jim?

I love it when other parents ask for my two-penneth.

Especially when the requests come from other parents, particularly mothers that I respect and look at as good parents.

Last Friday I had an interesting natter with another parent at our regular toddler group haunt.

They were concerned that their little treasure had decided to stop eating.

Apparently a regular and good eater until last week, his mother was very surprised that he’d suddenly taken to doing a mini Ian Huntley impression.

I asked if she thought he was teething, or if he was running a temperature. She said he’d been a bit ‘tetchy’, but she put that down to her constant nagging of his eating.

She then said she’d planned to visit the Health Visitor to discuss the situation with them.

I recalled the time, when as it happens my son was about the same age as hers, that I went to ask for some advice on my delayed introduction of cow’s milk into my son’s diet.

I’d read that if your child wasn’t eating a lot of meat, which my lazy so and so couldn’t be bothered to chew at the time, that they may get the iron they could do with from formula milk, the super-strength versions.

When I asked the question to the assembled child care advice experts, they looked at each other and then me, with their best ‘what did he just say’ faces.

This now doubt filled her full of confidence.

A varied and wide diet is what I’d always prescribe, not only because it gives your child great balance and nutrients, it also means they are easy to feed in any situation.

They will also eat when they’re hungry, and will let you know when they are running empty. I’d only really worry about their eating after a good while. It’s the liquid diet that becomes more pressing within hours.

Thankfully today I was advised that all was back to normal, and said child was back to consuming a health diet.

I don’t often get this problem with my child, ignoring the time he demanded a sandwich with four different fillings, and would only eat it off the top of our cooker, in his PJs, obviously.