Friday, 23 May 2008

There Are Monsters Amongst Us

My favourite brother-in-law, the one who also happens to be the very cost effective electrician on my house-build, made a very nasty discovery this week.

He does a lot of work in council properties, which means that he has come into contact with both the weird and the wonderful.

Covering families with dust sheets who will not move, and moving horses out of their bedrooms so he can re-wire them.

You get the idea.

But this week he discovered things he’d rather not have, and this has hit him harder, and served as a stark reminder to those around him.

When turning up to one of this week’s properties, he found that, as pretty much normal, the tenant was not ready for them, and furniture had to be moved before they could start the job.

The tenant actually helped them move a book case, which they then found some pictures and magazines behind.

Apparently they were clearly of ‘dodgy’ content, the tenant scooped them up, picked up his laptop, made his excuses and left.

They didn’t think a lot of it, just thought this guy was embarrassed as they’d found his porn collection.

That was until they found more pictures in this guy’s bedroom.

The grotesque content turned out to be that of indecent pictures of very young girls, innocent children to the rest of us.

Sparky was so shocked he was virtually sick, and quickly set about getting this matter reported properly.

As he left the property in a bit of a daze, he soon realised that it was situated virtually opposite a nursery.

This made him feel even more sick and shocked.

It also reminded the rest of us around him, especially those with children, that we all live within a society with terrible dangers and amongst some despicable people.

I know there is really very little you can do about these, hopefully rare, nut-cases.

Indeed my belief is if someone wants to harm or take your child they will. Sadly, similarly to if someone really wants your car, or to take something from your home or garage.

That’s put a bit simply, but I mean it in principle.

The need for effective safeguards should obviously be a priority, but this problem, I suspect, is tragically never going to be totally preventable.

I just do my best, as every parent should, to protect my child as best as I can, so he’s effectively not the best option for any would be perverts.

And further pray that we remain in the vast and good side of the statistics of those not exploited, rather than the very poor minority that fall terribly foul to this type of sicko.