Thursday, 12 June 2008

Do As I Say, But Don't Repeat It.

As ignorant as the super-toddler appears to be, they are always listening.

Even when they have the attention of others, and are having every single want and whim catered for, they are still listening.

I was reminded of this fact yesterday.

We were having diner with Max’s grandparents, which usually means I can have a bit of a relax, while I watch them mess about.

Last night was my chance to take in some of the breath-taking spectacle that is Euro 2008.

I like football, and I’ve always followed the mighty reds. But I have become increasingly frustrated, much as many others, with the whole image of football and those that play it.

I mean, they are groomed and glazed before the game, the bigger the game the more care taken.

So when one too many of the marvellous talents on display threw themselves to the ground, like an extra from Platoon, I took out my frustration verbally.

“Bloody, ponsy footballers.” I enthused.

This was repeated about three seconds later by my offspring.

Then again, and again.

Now why do they listen to calm, well thought out, instruction, so reluctantly? Don’t answer that, I think I know why that is.

Perhaps, I should throw in the odd expletive to our general dialogue, that would at least get his attention.

But it’s not just juicy language, it is dialogue not meant for others’ ears.

My friend’s child recently dropped his mother in some tepid water with the in-laws.

When his daddy explained her absence at a recent family meal, as a simple case of double-booking, oh-so-clever child popped up with;

“No daddy, she’s at home. She said she couldn’t be done with the drama.”

Bless. Or should that be, condemn.


Kori said...

And if yours is only three, believe me, you are in for WAY worse! :) My all-time favorite thus far, after having a long discussion about how private parts are, in fact, "private", my now 9 year old was with me at the bank, at about three years old, and said very charmingly, "I have a penis and my dad's in jail!" So proud.

Dan said...

Amy regularly says 'oh bloody hell' or even "shit"when she drops something or the like. She always uses it appropriately though so I am in two minds whether to censor her.

I can't decide if I want to be the "tredy" parent who lets their kids swear, but the milder ones really don't bother me as long as they don't hide a limited vocabulary.

Xbox4NappyRash said...

Excellent, I might have to think twice about the whole kid thing so, my own mouth lands me in trouble enough as it is.

Single Parent Dad said...

Kori - I look forward to my future embarrassment!

Dan - I'm relaxed about it, in fact he only kept repeating it because, imho, his nan kept telling him to stop. I think it's better for children to know the words, and when they can be used.

Xbox - Definitely. My language was/is generally awful. I likes the swear words. But, I found I adapted quite quickly to self-censorship. Obviously not perfectly though.

Jeff said...

So you're saying there's an expletive in “Bloody, ponsy footballers" somewhere? ;-)

Single Parent Dad said...

Yes Jeff, footballers!;-)

Penelope said...

My (now 14 year old) son took to saying "oh yuk!" if he did something wrong or dropped something - it was absolutely in context. I was horrified and started saying "Yes...yukky...nasty....oh dear...." or anything to distract.
Now he is 14 and the language that comes out of his bedroom as he plays his xBox360 cracks me up in a "I shouldn't let him swear like that" sort of way.

Single Parent Dad said...

Penelope, I have memories of my language in my early teens being absolutely appalling. And my mother used to give me the odd crack or two. It didn't put me off cursing though.

Roads said...

Great story. She couldn't be done with the drama.

Well now there is some, and that's for sure.

Single Parent Dad said...

Too right Roads, Too right.

ric said...
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