Tuesday, 3 June 2008

Forget About Him Being Gay, I’m Turning Into A Woman.

Stay-at-home dad has never been very butch.

My penchant for pink t-shirts and sweaters, doesn’t say Rambo either.

Floppy hair, well I suppose is better than the Communards’ look, marginally.

It’s no bad thing really. I’ve often worried about being able to fill the role that tradition reserves for our mothers.

The nurturing part of being a parent I suppose.

It’s also being the domestic goddess, or in my case god, I hope.

Since I left home I helped with the cleaning and tidying away, but I’m sure if truth be known I’d always been more of a hindrance.

Cooking has been different, I quite enjoy it. I’m not too experimental or exotic, but I have a half-decent repertoire of meals, which I hope to expand with age.

We’ve been living on our own for a year now, so I’ve had no one to rely on to help with the essential daily house and person maintenance.

Actual, Max did promise to tidy the DVDs away once, but it never materialised, I’m sure his mom would say he was just like me.

That’s unfair, he does help out. He knows his toys must go back in their respective boxes before another can be emptied. A rule I implemented with my mother head on.

I ironed an absolute mountain of clothes last night in under an hour, and I was quite pleased with myself, as well as the usual temporary relief of knowing that it would be five days or so before the board would be out again.

And today’s confirmation of my unwanted transformation was made by me, wait for it……………….

Licking a tissue to wipe my child’s face with.


Dan said...

It's when you start licking his face directly that you need to start worrying.

Violet said...

A tissue eh? A realSAHD would use his sleeve...

Don't believe that domestic goddess crap. It's how I live with myself.

Single Parent Dad said...

I don't know Dan. I do lick his face from time-to-time. But only to mop up sweetie or ice cream spillage.

Single Parent Dad said...

Cheers Violet.

Every SAHD, man and boy for that matter, is born knowing your sleeve is for wiping your nose on!

I'm with you on the cleaning, I'm always suspicious of people with showroom houses who haven't got a cleaner. Their priorities must be skewed.

Eddie 2-Sox said...

I like the mug in the pic, is it yours? I am the proud owner of a Yummy Mummy apron, won on a cooking for kids website. Yes, I do use it!

Single Parent Dad said...

Thanks for your comment and your apron sounds lovely Eddie, bet it is great for fairy cake baking and masculinity in equal measure.

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