Tuesday, 24 June 2008

Future Happiness

Because of this, I’ve been spending a lot of time at our house build project.

Not that I wasn’t before, but now I’ve literally been spending time there just to keep on top of everyone coming and going, and personally ensuring the site is well protected, alarmed, and there is nothing left there worth steeling.

Initially after the weekend, I will admit to some feelings of anxiety and visiting the site late at night, has been a bit Blair Witch.

But having spent extra time there over the last few days, with sometimes little to actually do, I’ve been visualizing and pondering our future existence there.

Max joined me for a good couple of hours this afternoon, and it gave a great insight into how our lives may run on a daily basis.

We watered the vegetable patch, a few plants, and a little bit of each other.

Our favourite sitting stair was chosen.

I lost the race around the railway sleepers in the garden.

Tunnels out of left-over soil pipe were made for Ben 10 characters.

And units in the kitchen have been allocated to store or hide Max’s most cherished plastic figures.

All this before the fitting out has really got underway.

I’m determined that this place will be a very happy one. OK, I’m sure there will be tears, trials and tantrums down the way. But I want this to be our place, full of love, smiles, laughter, family and friends. Share/Save/Bookmark


Kori said...

What a great vision; I hope it ends up exaclty like you are seeing it.

Single Parent Dad said...

I hope so too Kori, thanks for your comment.

Penelope said...

Happiness, friends and family sounds just right :o)

Single Parent Dad said...

Oh yes Penelope. And perhaps add Neil Diamond?

Xbox4NappyRash said...

Oh Lord, Neil Diamond...

I think you are already half way there, to that realisation of the view you want.

Being aware and conscious of it is half the battle I reckon.

Single Parent Dad said...

Cheers Xbox. Most definitely need to know where you're going, to get to where you want to be.

Batewolf said...

Hi, hope you enjoyed your curry! will be happy to come over with kids and help fill your home with smiles, fun and laughter, not to mention loads of noise and mess!!!! see you soon, Deb x

Single Parent Dad said...

I certainly did Deb, and some top organisation, I must type. Happy to be Cheryl's toy-boy for the evening!

Glad to see you reading this, and would be delighted to see you over my way in the summer holidays.

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