Tuesday, 17 June 2008

Getting Presents From Your Kids

At what point do those presents that have your kid's name on the tag, actually start to be from them?

I mean, I’m in my thirties and my parents still put my name on birthday cards and gift tags for certain relatives, and friends of the family

I’m not involved in the decision making process for getting these gifts, mainly because my idea would be to buy nothing.

Buying a present, in my opinion, merely means that the recipient is guilty bound to return the favour, hence Newton could have applied his laws of motion here too.

My attitude means I’ve never really got excited about the whole getting presents mechanism, and I do generally struggle to convince others of my gratitude.

‘You’ll change when you start getting presents off your own kids.’ I was informed.

And maybe I was for the short period that those gifts were actually bought by my late wife.

Any maybe I will be again, once my child can actually choose, make or get hold of a present that he knows I will like, due to him knowing me, knowing you, Aha.

I do treasure the couple of gifts I got, on behalf of my son, sourced by my wonderful wife.

They may have become more precious now, for sentimental reasons. But they are presents obviously bought by the person who knew me best.

Which I hope, one day, will be the little big man himself.

I also hope he gets a decent job, so he can then get me the life-size stormtropper I've always pined for. Share/Save/Bookmark


Xbox4NappyRash said...

To this day I get my Christmas gift from my mother-in-law, with a card signed her, father in law, and my wifes two brother's names.

One of them lives in Australia....

Single Parent Dad said...

Ha Ha Xbox. At least it doesn't have the pets' names on!

Kori said...

I love to get presents from the kids, and I know they are FROM them because there is no one else around to buy them for the kids. They are usually homemade and ugly, but they are from my kids-how cool is that? I am not sentimental, though, and I don't really save things, so I wouldn't be able to procure one of them if asked...

Single Parent Dad said...

Thats wicked Kori. And you've nailed it. They ARE from your children.

Penelope said...

My kids are a little older and do buy me presents with their "own" money (pocket money that I give them!) But I still think that coming home from work to a cup of tea made by my son (who's 14) and a note by my computer saying "I love you lots and lots" from my 12 year old daughter are the BEST presents ever!

Single Parent Dad said...

Lovely stuff Penelope.

An unprompted 'I love you Daddy.' Isn't even music to my ears, it's euphoric.

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