Wednesday, 18 June 2008

The Good Life

As our own self-build project edges painfully close to being habitable, we are bearing, quite literally, the first fruits of our labours.

I’d like to think that I’ve, um, thought, a lot about this house, or place where we will reside while our lives continue.

That includes thinking about the garden.

Part of my planning conditions stipulated that I must have an approved landscaping scheme, and that all gardening works must be complete within 12 months of the dwelling being erected.

Apparently a lot of house builders, including the big ones, generally leave the garden as a pile of dirt, probably sold as a field of dreams to potential house buyers.

Anyway, I consulted a landscape gardener, a guy that also runs a soft play centre that I’ve been to a lot with junior.

We came up with a scheme that would be both functional and attractive while still only require minimal maintenance.

I insisted on a raised vegetable patch, and the border hedge be retained by railway sleepers, so there is plenty of low-level seating for little bums.

The vegetable plot is something I think both myself and my son will enjoy nurturing. We’ve already played at it, and have planted beans, calabrese, carrots, parsnips and strawberries.

My thoughts were that it can’t do the ground any harm, even if we don’t have much of a harvest this autumn.

As we’re not living there yet, and it is not always easy to visit at a good watering time, that harvest may in fact not even be much of a muchness.

But, today, on a visit after nursery, we inspected our growing food stocks to find one juicy red strawberry.

Not sure who was more excited out of the pair of us.

I do know, however, who ate the strawberry, and it wasn’t me.

I just had to get the plumber to stop what he was doing, so I could turn the back water on, just to wash this lovely little blighter off.

It went down a treat, and apparently it tasted really nice.

Let’s hope many more beautiful things grow out of our well designed sustenance zone. Share/Save/Bookmark


Kori said...

There are few things more stisfying than eating something you have grown; in addition, some of the best times with my two older kids (when they were younger, before the youngest arrived!) were in the planting and caring for the garden. What a treat!

Single Parent Dad said...

I'll take your word for it Kori! Next time I'll have to beat Max to the patch.

Xbox4NappyRash said...

Aside from the whole environmental and healthy aspect of it, it's brilliant to do that together.

How better to teach him about a million different things than something like this.

Rewards for hard work, team work, nature, everything.

Pretty Special.

Single Parent Dad said...

I think so too Xbox. I'm really looking forward to us getting better at growing stuff together.

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