Monday, 9 June 2008

Hair Today, Still Hair Tomorrow.

How many kids, particularly boys, enjoy or look forward to getting hair cuts?

Not nearly as many as hate them, I bet.

My child is no exception.

It may be down to the fact that I left his first hair cut for a good while.
I liked the way it was growing and I thought it really suited him longer.

That was tempered with an irritation of people guessing that he was a little she, just because he didn’t have a crew cut I suppose.

I mean even when we’d go swimming, people would say “What a lovely little girl.” He would have a boy’s swimming costume on, so I presume people would also assume that I was a terrible parent.

Anyway, I was typing about hair cuts.

For the first few I took him to hairdressers specifically set-up for children.

Good idea.

They get to sit in a choice of seat – race car, train or boat. DVDs play in front of them, you can even take your own. There are toys and a nice area for the children to entertain themselves prior to their hairdresser being ready, and while their carers pay up.

Children who sit through their ordeal with the minimum of fuss get a goody bag and balloon when done.

Only draw backs, it is fairly expensive and the novelty wears off very, very quickly.

So, nowadays we pop along to our local hairdressers, Max has found a favourite hairdresser, and she goes a great job on his barnet.

We do have to take a multitude of items with us, but not for Max’s entertainment, more as props to aid his conversations or teachings to his mullet maintainer.

I think, in fact, he positively looks forward to them now.


Violet said...

I'm gonna have to start taking my daughter to the hairdressers. Those crooked fringe trims I give her are starting to attract amused looks and remarks like "yeah my kid likes to cut her own hair too".

Single Parent Dad said...

I've never risked it. But on his route to finding a preferred hairdresser, Max has had a few shocking fringes!

Tismee2 said...

My 5year old sits like an angel for the hairdresser, they think he is wonderful. It is the only time in his entire life that he can actually sit still for more than three seconds.

However when I try to do it at home he turns into a fidget of mammoth proportions.

But then of course I'm his mother!

creative-type dad said...

I finally found a place (hairdresser) that my daughter likes. She tells stories about about Princesses to him.

I would have never thought...

Single Parent Dad said...

Tismee2 - They are great at doing that. 'He's so well behaved, we never get any tears or tantrums.' And that's just what they say to my mom!

creative-type cad - Fairies maybe, but princesses? What is the modern hairdressing male coming to?

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