Wednesday, 25 June 2008

I Wuv You

You can’t beat a bit of toddler mispronunciation.

I don’t think mine is any different to a lot of kids around his age. Lots of them have a cute way of talking.

In my son’s case I think I’m rearing a mini Jonathon Ross rather than a tiny Roy Hattersley.

Words starting with ‘L’ sound like he is substituting that letter with a ‘W’.

I love hearing;

“Wook, daddy, wook.”

And especially;

“I wov you this much.” With his arms splayed as far as possible.

As well as adorable twangs they also pick up traits and sayings from all sorts of people and places.

There are times you can really tell where he has got sayings from, and people often observe and say, “He’s got that from you.”

These will often get a laugh, but witnessing these sayings and expressions used in context is marvellous.

I still remember watching Raymond Briggs’ The Snowman over Christmas last year. Max was really enjoying it, but about half way through I started worrying about how he might react to the end.

I need not have worried.

When the pool of water replaced the magical man of snow, he simply looked at me and said;

“Oh bother.”

Straight out of his grandma’s, swear-word-friendly, vocabulary. Share/Save/Bookmark


Kori said...

Mine says, "I-U" for i love you; of course he doesn't talk much yet beyond babble. I am firmly convinced that we get to see these sweet things so that we don't kill and eat them on a bad day-but maybe that's just me. :)

Single Parent Dad said...

Babble?, I-U isn't babble, it's an expression of love, and a concise canabolism deterrent, apparently!

Penelope said...

Both of mine couldn't say their L's for the longest time. I would torture them by making them say Yemon and Yime Jeyyey over and over!
My son (now 14) did start using the word "wuk" randomly, but often when he was cross, right after he dropped something. Eeeeek! We quickly turned that into "yuk" and that worked...right up until he turned into a teen and just this morning said "yeah, it was bloody annoying" at which point I spat out my tea!

Single Parent Dad said...

Thinking about it, one of my friends from childhood couldn't pronounce his Ys. Me and my sister used to get him to try and say Yellow Yo-Yo all the time. It came out ellow o-o. Haha.

And BTW, I trust, 'It was bloody annoying' is something you might say?

Dan said...

Evan pronounces s as th, but he's only at the one word stage so I'll hold off on the speech therapist for a while.

On another note, Amy has been known to cry when she hears "walking in the air" from the snowman. I wouldn't mind but she hasn't seen the film. Any maudlin song will set her off, the reason she gives for crying is always "I was just thinking about all the people who love me" I am proud of her sensitivity, but it does worry me sometimes.

Xbox4NappyRash said...


or wuvewy, whatever.

I go funny when I hear toddlers babbling.


Single Parent Dad said...

Dan - I wouldn't worry either, nor would I worry about your daughter's sensitivity. As long as she has the capability to be evil as well, of course ;-)

Xbox - Magic indeed. Do you go funny haha, or funny gooey-gooey?

Xbox4NappyRash said...

It was always funny haha, but lately I'm just going gooey.

Dan's comment about Amy being a case in point....
Testosterone deficiency or something I reckon.

Eddie 2-Sox said...

I agree with Kori! Mother Nature did indeed make children cute 1% of the time so that they survive the other 99%.

And I agree with the author, and go further still. Hearing your nipper come out with a grown-up's phrase, in context, is hilarious. Sam the other day, on the way home from school, saw two adults on bikes collide, and intoned mournfully "Oooooh. That's got to smart!"

Single Parent Dad said...

Xbox - Gooey men are all the rage.

Eddie - Brilliant. I love using 'smarts' in that context. And I would have needed to have changed my trousers if I'd heard a nipper say that!

ACG said...

just came across your blog... great intro post.

Single Parent Dad said...

ACG, glad you found this blog, and thanks for your comment.

Xbox4NappyRash said...

I must be seriously in demand at the moment then.

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